Tank Trouble SWF

At the first time, when you just start playing tank trouble game, it puts in annoying feelings a little bit and it seems like you are playing a terrible game, but time to time your thoughts are going to change and it becomes too fun playing tank trouble with your friends and make a competition.

What does SWF mean?

In fact, it is the same tank trouble game, and what really does SWF mean, is the file in flash format, that is you can get that .swf file, save in your local computer and play it without any needs of network connection. Everything else is exactly the same. The thing is that some guys are looking for the possibility of playing Tank Trouble offline and so the problem was solved by this way.

Game controls

tank trouble map To handle the game, you need to be familiar with the keyboard and to be more specific with AWSD and arrow keys for 1th and 2th players respectively. And finally, the mouse is for the third player.